LibraryThing Giveaway: My Experience

March 26, 2012

With my mystery thriller Project Moses the new kid on the block and only an ebook, I was trying to figure out how to give it some exposure. I discovered that LibraryThing has a ton of serious readers and a very good ebook giveaway program.

There are two strategies you can take. One is to give a handful of books away. You might get 50 or 100 people who signup but you have no idea who they are. The benefit is that they and hopefully some others who saw your listing but didn’t sign up at least have some awareness of your book.

The other way to go is giveway a lot of ebooks. I did 100 and 57 signed up in a week. I sent them a Smashwords coupon that made the book free, gave them 3 days to download and invited them to sent it to a couple of friends. So, I ended up with more than 50 actual downloads – presumably in the hands of people likely to read it, put it in their libraries, review it, etc. I’ve noticed some crossover with goodreads and Amazon.

Overall, a good result for me at this stage. No cost. Only took a week. Minimal work.

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