SF Food Adventure 1

April 9, 2012

Enzo Lee, the protagonist in Project Moses, is a pretty enthusiastic foodie.  In his honor, I’ll be posting occasional recommendations for eating out in San Francisco and the Bay Area.  On the reporter’s salary, Enzo has to save French Laundry and Michael Minna for special occasions.  Plus, he’s always a little worried about needing to have a second dinner after a repast strong in flavor but a bit weak, perhaps, in quantity.  This is particularly true when he has a 5-mile run scheduled for the next morning, plus pick up basketball and needs to be in good form for a night out.

Fringale,  570 4th Street, in SOMA is Enzo’s go to restaurant.  French, with an informal, country feel, it’s been around for at least a dozen years.  Nearly everyone who works there has such a strong French accent you wonder if they have refresher sessions once a week.  Every dish is great.  Prawns sateed in pastis is a favorite.  You can get out with a couple of glasses of wine for $50, a true bargain.  Plus, you can actually find parking in the neighborhood.  If you’ve got a few minutes, continue down 4th St. another two block to the K&L wine store, another great stop on the SF gastronomical tour.

Yank Sing, 101 Spear St., is located in the financial district after migrating from a previous locations closer to Chinatown.   It’s main location is in the Rincon Center, the old post office structure.  There is seating both inside the restaurant and outside in the public part of the enclosed center.  It’s an elegant setting with a 40-foot ceiling to pond water feature trickling nearby.  There are cheaper places to get dim sum, but you’d be hard pressed to find greater variety.  It’s particularly nice for vegetarians as they seem to always have some no-meat choices which can be rare when it comes to the noodle stuffings.  Always delicious!  Oh, and great parking as well? They’ve got it underground with validation.

Got some food suggestions?  Let me hear them!

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