picks Project Moses for Second Degree Bundle

September 24, 2012 has a new Indie ebook model.  Headed by Jason Chen, the outfit handpicks several ebooks in a particular genre and makes them available to customers at a shockingly low price – whatever you want to pay!

The first time out, it was a collection of five science fiction novels plus two bonus books.  Starting today (September 24) and continuing for three weeks, the genre is mystery thrillers.  Seven books are available again.  And, Project Moses is one of them.

This grouping is called the “Second Degree” bundle and features novels written from various points of view:   a detective, a journalist, a lawyer, a petty criminal, a normal guy and a serial killer.

The pricing is variable, although the two bonus books require a payment of at least $7.  The default price is $10.  The minimum is $1.  You can also select how much of the total goes to the authors vs. story bundle (default is 70/30).  And you can even elect to have 10% go to a charity.

You can see the bundled books below and get more details, reviews, descriptions, etc. at


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